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"To Dream Beneath A Tree", a Hoffman Challenge 2013

Program For Groups: "I'm So Challenged!"

We trace this quilter's jouney over 30 years, starting with that first sampler class (as we all probably did), to the creation of a very personal style of painterly pieces created with raw edge applique and fabric paint. You'll see a trunk show that traces a style's development piece to piece through the vehicle of fabric challenges, Along the way, we discover that sometimes it's as valuable to learn what never to do again as it is to discover those things we'lll add to our bag of skills and tricks.

Sometimes the challenges are with the quilt itself. Sometimes it's what happens to our lives in the process that teach us just as much. Join me as I share my rocky road along the way as I weave in the gifts of those challenges with my trunk show of challenge quilts. Expect humor, passion, and hopefully inspiration.

Cost for guilds and groups: $400, or $350 when combines with a workshop


Available Workshops:


"A Feathered Friend", a Hoffman Challange 2014

Beautiful Art Quilts Even When You
Thought You Couldn't

Not everyone starts out as a painter.

Don't worry if you can't draw a straight line. You won't need to.

Don't worry if you can't draw anything. You probably won't need to.

This class covers what I've found to be the most successful techniques for creating fabric "paintings" with raw-edge applique, templates made from fusible applique, and how to make decisions about quilting the pieces when done. Discover great placement shortcuts, and how to edit and redesign pre-existing images from many sources.

You'll turn out to be the artist you never thought you had in you.

Cost: $400   (Maximum of 20 participants) per 1-day guild event




Fabric Painting for the Art Quilter 

This class is similar to the class above, but focuses on fabric painting the appliqued piece. Class features Pebeo Opaque Fabric Paint, but other options will be discussed. You will create your own full-sized pattern, transfer to fusible web, paint shadows, highlights and deails with paint, and explore ways to use treadplay for yet another method of detailing.

Cost: $400 (Maximum of 20 participants) for 1-day guild event


Color for the Fabric Artist

We cover both traditional color theory and the special concerns of quilters. This day-long workshop includes:

The Color Wheel | Value | Temperature | Saturation | Balance

Unique color challenges for quilters

Field trip to your local quilting shop (when possible)

Cost:  $400 per 20-participant guild event (1 day)


Artful Doodling for the Free-Motion Quilter

Hone your free-motion skills and confidence while enjoying now-popular doodling techniques. Known for its ability to relax, have fun, and expand your creativity, this class in doodle sketching gives you confidence and good muscle memory for free-motion quilting.

The 1/2-day class requires only pen and paper.

 The full-day class requires you to bring your own machine. You should already have some experience in free-motion, even if only to stipple.\

Cost:  1/2 day: $250  with purchase of program

          Full day: $400 for 20-participant quild event